We provide the highest quality safety clothing for a wide range of industries across Canada.

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Northern Workwear Ltd. is a leading distributor of quality workwear and industrial safety clothing in Canada. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we partner with specialty retailers across the country to ensure that those who need high-performance safety clothing can get durable, thermal, waterproof workwear to meet the demands for protection and comfort while on the job.
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We consult with industry workers who have real hand experience in their respective fields so that we may recognize their challenges. We then work with our manufactures to pick out the absolute best and most optimal solutions to these challenges. This approach has continuously enabled us to provide the best industrial workwear clothing for a vast range of industries.

Our manufacturers use highly qualified purchasers that have comprehensive knowledge of production units. They manufacture goods in many locations around the world, depending on access to raw materials, volume and available capacity. Their qualified purchasers make sure to utilize access to raw materials and capacity. The larger batches are generally made globally, while smaller and technically demanding garments are produced in Europe. They use quality assurance on all production runs, enabling them to ensure proper, stable quality in production.

We have developed a complete ordering platform here on our website to provide our customers access to some of the best workwear available in Canada. We offer some of the most cost-efficient and delivery processes on the market. Our team is dedicated and highly knowledgeable, and we are here to help and protect people at work. We know that our products may be the difference between life and death; therefore, we never compromise.

Working with local Canadian companies has taught us that customer service is a critical part of a company’s success. We have learned how to ensure the highest level of customer service to our clients. We believe that no question is a bad question, and we are always ready to provide answers to technically changeling workwear questions. When it comes to workwear, Northern Workwear Ltd. will not disappoint you.