4 Reasons why you should buy only high-quality workwear

Investing in the best quality workwear is essential for businesses, more so for employers responsible for the safety of their employees. You may not…

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4 Reasons you should Choose a Durable Rain Jacket

Modern rain jackets have high durability making them suitable for protection while allowing utmost breathability. They also require very minimal…

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Winter Workwear That Keeps You Warm and Comfortable in Outdoor Work Conditions

The cold seasons often bring many challenges, especially if you must remain exposed to the harsh icy and snow temperatures as you work. The extreme…

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Differences between Industrial and Regular Workwear

The terms industrial and regular workwear refer to the clothing you wear to your workplace. However, industrial workwear is slightly different, more…

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What to Look for When Choosing Industrial Workwear for Cold Canadian Weather

Industrial workwear is always a worthy investment. It can protect workers from dangerous workspaces and shield them from the harsh winter weather…

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5 Reasons You Should Choose Northern Workwear

The right workwear not only enhances industry safety but also generates a positive image for your brand. When employees are out-fitted in the right…

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What is the Difference between Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant?

Most people assume that fire resistant and fire- retardant clothing is the same, but there's a difference. Both types of clothing protect workers…

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6 Best Ways to Buy Quality Industrial Workwear

When it comes to the purchase of high-quality industrial workwear, the old adage, the devil rests in the details, still holds true. There are so many…

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Safety Clothing

5 Signs That Your Safety Clothing Need to be Replaced

Wear and Tear are not the only things that cause industrial safety workwear to degrade. Other elements include sweat, dirt, sunlight and washing can…

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3 Reasons Safety Clothing Improves Productivity

Are you familiar with the benefits that come with wearing high-quality safety clothing at the workplace? While this clothing plays a significant…

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New Products – Lyngsøe Rainwear

Did you know that we now carry some of the best quality rainwear products? We are so excited to announce our new partnership with Lyngsøe Rainwear.…

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Safety Workwear

3 Reasons Why it’s Important to Invest in High-Quality Safety Workwear

While they are not usually the most fashionable clothing in the locker, high-quality safety workwear plays a very important part especially if you…

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