Modern rain jackets have high durability making them suitable for protection while allowing utmost breathability. They also require very minimal maintenance and cleaning. A durable rain jacket for Canadian weather conditions has an outer shell fabric and an inner waterproof membrane that guarantees effectiveness. The layers serve different purposes, but they are part of why the jackets are worth purchasing. Below are some reasons why you should invest in a durable rain jacket.

1. They are Breathable

Breathability is the quality of allowing moisture transfer through the jacket. When you sweat, the moist air pulls towards the cold air within the surrounding. The design of the jacket fabric you have on can either allow that transfer process or block it, resulting in an uncomfortable clammy feeling.

Durable rain jackets are water-resistant, meaning rainwater cannot penetrate them, but sweat can evaporate. The moisture vapor transfer ensures the warm moist air from your body reaches the outside vicinity, keeping you dry and comfortable and making the jackets more efficient.

The air permeability in the jackets may differ, some being more efficient than others. However, their ability to let warm air out faster also means cold air can seep through. You may need a better insulation layer to stay warm in the rain, but overall, your skin will be dry.

2. They Require Simple Maintenance

Most durable rainwater jackets have a water-repellent finish that ensures precipitation beads roll off instead of sticking to the fabric. That feature differs from water resistance, which is more about permeability. The durable water-repellent finish makes the jackets easy to maintain and clean. The finish also ensures the clothing performs its primary function effectively for a long time – it keeps the underlying layer dry, even if the outer membrane gets soaked.

Ensure the finish on the jacket is long-lasting and will not wear off quickly. However, you can reapply the finish as a maintenance routine when the rain stops beading and falling off.

3. They Provide Optimal Protection

Like other thermal workwear, durable rain jackets have multiple layers for optimal protection. The outermost membrane keeps off rainwater, while the inner layer resists wear and tear while protecting your body. They provide the best insulation, whether you prefer thermal or fleece. The layering may differ in every rain jacket – choose the most suitable one. Remember, the layering may have other associated components like heaviness and robustness worth considering.

Rain jacket designs also consist of hoods that provide additional protection. Hood designs tend to be adjustable, which makes it easier to fine-tune the fitting or the opening. Some designs have hoods that roll and stow in the collar or zip off – you can remove them when necessary. Other adjustable features in a durable rain jacket include drawcords at the bottom or waist and wrist closures. Both options keep rain and wind from penetrating when you tighten them while allowing ventilation when you loosen them.

4. They Last Longer

The value you get from durable rain jackets is unmatched. All the layers, especially the outer layer that endures abrasion, come in the highest quality, which prolongs the usability of the material. The jackets have also been put together using top-notch sewing technology, making them less susceptible to tearing. All waterproof jackets tend to have fully taped seams, but some soft-shell options do not have the taping style, even though they come in superior quality.

Apart from the robust structure, all the features in rain jackets have undergone modifications to enhance longevity. For instance, they have zippers that allow some flexibility while you wear them, but they do not allow rainwater to pass through. The zippers often have storm flaps or rubberized coating that do not interfere with their functionality, allowing you to zip them up and down when necessary. Some also have zipper huts that shield the opening at the end of the track.

Workwear rain jackets also have large waterproof pockets that come in handy if you do not want to carry a backpack. They are often strategically placed to allow stress-free accessibility. The ultralight fabric used on the jackets helps with portability – you can pack and bring it anywhere inconspicuously.

Northern Workwear Ltd. has a collection of durable rain jackets you can sample to enjoy all the advantages above. You can contact us for more information or assistance when selecting the most suitable option.