The right workwear not only enhances industry safety but also generates a positive image for your brand. When employees are out-fitted in the right workwear, it gives clients the impression that you’re a leader in your field. Many employers understand the importance of providing the proper workwear for workers carrying out their tasks. However, many organizations overlook the fact that there is a difference between workwear and quality workwear. 

Workwear may meet the criteria in terms of appearance. However, it would not be effective if it lacks the strength and integrity required for standard performance. There should be no compromises when choosing the right workwear. Poor quality workwear could cause work injuries that might lead to complicated workers’ compensation claims or even fatalities.

Northern Workwear is the leading supplier of workwear in Canada. We serve diverse industries in Canada, providing their workers with durable and practical workwear. What makes us the industry leaders in quality workwear? Below are reasons why you should choose Northern Workwear:

Best Quality Protective Clothing/Workwear

Investing in quality workwear is a significant action for the long-term growth and success of your business. We understand the critical role of quality workwear in enhancing a workers’ safety. 

We provide workwear made from tough and durable materials. Investing in the right workwear enhances the continued safety of your workforce. All our workwear has been manufactured according to the approved health and safety standards.

Choosing our quality workwear will save you money in the future. You won’t have to keep replacing the workwear regularly. The old saying “buy well, buy once” is valid in terms of workwear. Low-quality workwear will start showing signs of wear and tear within a short period. Our durable workwear will save you money in the long run because you will not have to repurchase the workwear often.

The role of quality workwear isn’t all about enhancing your employees’ safety. It’s also about protecting your professional future. You will minimize accidents and injuries in the workplace, which will, in turn, protect your reputation. At Northern Workwear, we believe quality is the most crucial factor when choosing workwear. This is the reason why we only supply the best workwear from leading manufacturers. 

In-depth Understanding of Work Wear

At Northern Workwear, we have a vast understanding of all types of workwear. We often contact industry workers to understand the challenges they face in their places of work. We then work with our manufacturers to provide the best workwear to tackle these challenges. This in-depth knowledge of what constitutes quality workwear has enabled us to give appropriate workwear to different industries. 

Workplace risks vary depending on the type of industry. The typical workplace risks include fire, electric shocks, chemical hazards, and dangerous machinery that could cause physical harm to workers. The proper workwear helps reduce workplace risks significantly. We will provide the right fit of workwear for your workers. Loose-fitting workwear could be risky because it might get caught on the machinery leading to injuries. 

Proper workwear enhances employees’ productivity and effectiveness. If an employee doesn’t feel safe or well-protected while working, they will focus on protecting themselves instead of efficiently performing a task. Providing workers with the right workwear will enable them to be comfortable and productive.

A Straight Forward Ordering Process

Our efficient ordering process enables our customers to access the best workwear from the leading manufacturers with relative ease. We have a complete ordering platform on our website. We also have a cost-effective delivery process. 

By choosing Northern Workwear, you will have the protective clothing delivered to you. You won’t risk losing some of the items on transit. All you have to do is place an order, and we will handle the rest. We have a great team of highly knowledgeable and dedicated personnel. Our goal is to protect people at work and enhance their productivity.

Great Variety

At Northern Workwear, we provide a great variety of workwear and protective clothing. You can choose from our:

Emergency Services Clothing

You can count on Northern Workwear for the best emergency services clothing include paramedic, ambulance, and police. The front-line personnel should always feel comfortable, and the right protective clothing plays an important role. All our emergency clothing provides the utmost safety without compromising the performance or safety of emergency workers. We have a wide variety of emergency services clothing, including shirts, trousers, gloves, and socks. 

Oil and gas clothing

At Northern Workwear, we recognize that the oil and gas industry is the largest worldwide. We are committed to supplying quality oil and gas workwear to enhance workers’ comfort, performance, and safety. We are a workwear leader, providing breathable, flame retardant and ARC rated clothing that meets the required safety standards. 

Construction clothing

We are a one-stop-shop for all your construction clothing needs. We work with the best manufacturers to provide the best variety of construction workwear. Our clothing will help construction workers stay comfortable, safe, and productive on the job site. With our wide selection of construction clothing, you will get what you are looking for. 

Oil field clothing

Our great variety of oilfield clothing will meet all oilfield workers’ needs. You cannot exhaust our great variety of protective clothing, safety gloves and other clothing required to keep oilfield workers safe. 

We also provide utility clothing, rig worker clothing, Jobsite clothing, mining clothing, and construction clothing. We work with the leading workwear brands, including Weenas Workwear, Lyngsoe Rainwear and Stanfield’s.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Northern Workwear, we put our clients first by offering unmatched customer service. We are responsive to our customers, always willing to handle all their concerns. We will guide you and answer all your workwear questions to ensure that you get the right clothing. We have a comfortable and straightforward ordering process to ensure that we don’t keep our customers waiting. 

We have worked with local Canadian companies for a long time, and they are happy with our services. You, too, cannot go wrong with Northern Workwear.  Contact us today for all your protective clothing needs.