Safety Workwear is Essential

The best way to ensure your team is both comfortable and productive is by providing them with the right safety workwear that suits their job. If your team is always complaining about being wet, cold, and garment not being comfortable, they are likely less productive. The good news is there is protective clothing for virtually any job.

We provide a range of apparel from Industrial Clothing, Commercial Fishing to the Oil and Gas market segments, which includes rainwear clothing, high visibility clothing, industrial storm suits, industrial undergarments, and flame & arc flash protection clothing. It’s as simple as finding the most suitable workwear apparel for the job that, in turn, will increase your productivity. Here are a few considerations you need to make when choosing safety workwear.

Keep the work environment and in mind

While going with a trusted brand is a top priority, if you don’t choose the right personal protective clothing, your efforts will be for nothing. Workwear clothing varies depending on the climate and the industry where the workers will be working. With safety being a top priority, you need to compile a list of features you require in protective clothing. For example, if your team works in dark environments, at night, or near moving vehicles, high visibility has to be a top priority. On the other hand, if your team works in areas with a high-risk exposure to flame , fire-resistant clothing has to be a priority. The rule of thumb is to focus on safety workwear that offers the protection your team needs.

Consider all safety aspects

As an example, if your team works in dark areas, and you only focus on reflective clothing, you may need to address the environments they work in? Does your teamwork in the cold or in foul weather? If so, high visibility alone may not be enough. For these areas in addition to being hi-vis the clothing should be waterproof, insulated, and offer any other protection that is necessary.

Safety Workwear

Think about functionality and comfort

As you review different workwear, you should also think about functionality and comfort. The workwear clothing you purchase must should not hinder the productivity of your employees in any way. To test if the clothing is functional, start by reviewing sizing charts to ensure the fit is appropriate and will provide flexibility and comfort before making the first order.

Don’t ignore presentation

First impressions are everything. The protective clothing your team wears should be reflective of you and your team. In addition to that, if every member of your team is wearing a different color of PPE, you may appear disorganized. Purchase the workwear that is presentable, and that complements your existing apparel and is reflective of how you want your team or company to be viewed.

The workwear you purchase will depend on the kind of work you do. The key is to make a checklist of the things you need from the best workwear.


Let’s face it, lives matter and the safety of your workers is the highest level of importance. Aside from your workers following certain protocols and procedures, it’s also important that you do your part to ensure that the safety workwear and gear they are using to perform their work is reliable. Northern Workwear Ltd., has invested the necessary time to research find some of the best brands. In fact, one of the brands that we carry by the name of Wenaas is a Norwegian manufacturer of performance safety workwear and has been doing so since the 1930s. they have built their reputation around being reliable when people’s safety is in question. Rest assured that we only carry workwear that is reliable and we never settle for low-quality safety workwear.

Have a look through our safety workwear products and see what we have to offer.