Throughout our product catalogue you will see icons that are representative of specific safety standards.
Below is a legend explaining the protective qualities of each standard.

EN_ISO11612EN ISO 11612
Protective clothing – Clothing to protect against heat and flame
ENG_ISO14116EN ISO 14116
Protective clothing – Protection against flame – Limited flame spread materials
EN_ISO_11611EN ISO 11611
Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes
EN_61482-1-2IEC 61482
Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc
EN_13034EN 13034
Protective clothing against liquid chemicals – limited protective performance against liquid chemicals
EN_1149-5EN 1149
Protective clothing – Electrostatic properties
EN ISO 340 and EN ISO 13688
Protective clothing – General requirements
EN_471EN ISO 20471 High visibility clothing
EN_342EN 342
Protective clothing – Ensembles and garments for protection against cold
EN_343EN 343
Protective clothing – Protection against rain
EN_14404EN 14404
Personal protective equipment – Knee protectors for work in the kneeling position
CSA Z96-09
The focus of this Standard is on the performance of retroreflective and background materials
CSA Z96-15
Canadian High visibility reflective tape pattern standard. The CSA group no longer certifies products to this standard
Standard on Flame-Resistant Clothing for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Short-Duration.
A National Fire Protection Association standard for clothing used as protection from the thermal hazards of an electric arc


For a more detailed document, outlining standard classes, fabric demands and more, please download the Complete Safety Standards Breakdown.