Stanfield’s Limited was incorporated in 1906. During World War 1, they manufactured wool blankets, knitting yarn and cloth which was a major contributing factor for their expansion of the Firm.

Stanfield’s entered the undershirt and brief field in the late thirties, two-piece winter underwear in the forties and thermal underwear in the fifties. The two-piece winter underwear and thermal underwear took over the winter underwear market, providing the building blocks for the company’s product growth.

Today, Stanfield’s is a leader in this field taking pride in its products and ability to adapt and stay ahead of consumer market needs and wants.

Whether it will be introducing new fabrics, blends or styles, we have always stood by our basic policy of “the best product at reasonable prices” and will continue to do so as we move forward.

Stanfield’s is a specialist in underwear products and has rightfully earned its reputation as “the Underwear Company”.