While they are not usually the most fashionable clothing in the locker, high-quality safety workwear plays a very important part especially if you work where there is vehicular traffic – in construction areas, hazardous and industrial premises. They work perfectly when it comes to reducing the risk of accidents and fatalities in areas where workers are in hazardous environments.

1930’s and Why High-Quality Safety Workwear Emerged

Reflective and brightly-colored safety workwear was introduced in the 1930s from an industrial accident. As a result of using reflective materials, the number of accidents was reduced significantly. This is because the hi-vis clothing enabled persons to spot workers from a far distance and slow down. The issue of visibility from the darkness and inclement weather was reduced.

3 Reasons Why to Invest in High-Quality Safety Workwear

Fast forward to today, there are organizations in place to clearly defined standards with which high-visibility apparel must comply—the ultimate purpose is to provide worker safety. The use of high visibility safety workwear is a requirement in many hazardous professions. This is more so if workers work in high-traffic areas and those with low visibility, hi-vis clothing could mean the difference between life and death.

Why You Need Good Safety Clothing

There are standards in place today to have safety clothing for your employees if your business places workers in hazardous situations. You need high-quality safety wear in order to reduce accidents. It goes without saying that investing in high-quality safety workwear is a brilliant choice for any business.

Guarantees safety

As an employer, there are standards and guidelines in place today to have safety clothing for your employees. This is where the need for high-quality workwear comes in. By going for poor quality safety clothing, your employees are at greater risk. You may also fail to comply to the standards and guidelines thus leading to more problems in case of an accident.

The main benefits of going for high-quality safety workwear include:

  • Increases your safety at work
  • More visible
  • Improved Corporate Brand reputation
  • Confidence while working
  • Longer-lasting and more durable
  • Reliability that the clothes will perform when your safety depends on it

Save money

High-quality safety clothing will save you a great deal of money in the long term. For starters, high-quality clothing lasts longer which means you don’t have to keep replacing your safety gear as often. High-quality safety workwear will further reduce the risk of serious accidents thus reducing lost time due to injuries to the workforce.

Never compromise on safety

There are standards and guidelines in place for the safety of workers who are placed in hazardous work environments. With those standards and your safety in mind, companies like Northern Workwear Ltd., invest time to find the best protective workwear that is high-quality and that will keep workers safe at the workplace. There are many ways to save money but compromising the safety of workers should never be where the money is saved. 

Where to Buy

Although there are quite a few specialty stores you can buy safety workwear from, at Northern Workwear Ltd. we have made a commitment to be a one-stop-shop for all your safety workwear needs. We offer a wide range of quality safety workwear and industrial safety clothing for different industries including construction, marine, oil and gas, processing, vessel support, fire and agriculture. With us you can always count on products that have been tested for the harshest conditions and the most competitive prices in the market. We offer a wide range of safety workwear from jackets, to trousers and even coveralls.

Is there something specific that you’re looking for? Please contact us as we may still be able to source it for you through one of our partners.